Mini computer

Mini computer host small size, can save space, low power consumption, cost savings and environmental protection, to achieve single multi-user. Once deployed, there is no need to manage any applications, software or drivers on the device.

(1) high stability

2) The overall cost is small

(3) fast read speed: unique technology to increase read performance, dynamic allocation of system resources, to provide better execution efficiency of the system

(4) Strong confidentiality: support dynamic directory management and rights management, allowing every user of the device a private directory to avoid mutual interference and disclosure.

(5) Maintenance is more convenient: Only one mainframe needs to be maintained, which greatly improves the utilization of system equipment and reduces maintenance costs. Software updates and hardware upgrades are easier to maintain and work less.

(6) Independent performance: Each user can access the Internet and use various types of application software separately, and can log in to the LAN separately and can use any shared resources of the LAN completely, and can also independently listen to music and copy data

(7) Local Area Network Speed High: The reduction in the number of hosts greatly reduces the network collision on the local area network and greatly improves the network efficiency

(8) Good Software Benefits: Each user can use genuine operating system, OFFICE software, CAD engineering design, Photoshop art design, 3D graphics production, Internet access, playing games and video security monitoring at the same time. Allows you to legally maximize the use of genuine software

(9) Security Management: All management is performed on the host. All users are centrally controlled by the WINDOWS core console to set permissions for each user. Mini-computer management is easy and convenient