Mini PC product specifications

Mini PC product specifications

Independent Mali400 game graphics, the perfect 3D games, 3D movies.

ARM® Mali ™ -400 Graphics Processing Unit

ARM & Cortex-A8@1.0GHzNEON extensions

Support HD video 1080P playback.

Support 3D video playback.

Support RMVB, MP3, WKV, TS, H.264, WMV, MPEG4 and other rich audio and video formats.

Any display with HDMI interface can be connected.

Wifi 802.11 b / g / n

1GB DRAM Up to 32GB memory local storage (microSD)

Rich "game", "music", "movie", "life", "education", "social" application software.

Support family members QQ audio and video chat, colleagues video conferencing.

HDMI output interface: with a variety of display devices HDMI port connection.

The main USB port: support for / wireless mouse and keyboard, camera, U disk, removable hard disk and other external devices.

Mini USB port: power supply interface and data transfer (Uhost and other computers connected) interface.

Micro SD expansion slot: maximum support 32GB.

Mike voice input interface: support for both wired and wireless voice input, video calls and video conferencing.

U key: When Uhost is connected with other computers, press this U key to convert Uhost into slave device and storage mode.