Q3 set top box support HDR

Want to appreciate the charm of HDR, in addition to video sources, the most important equipment or technical support. Mario Q series Q3 set-top box, equipped with the latest Amlogic S905X chip, 64-bit A53 processor, clocked at up to 2.0GHz, integrated multi-core Mali 450 GPU, support for H.265 encoding 4K*2K@60fps decoding, H.264 encoding 4K*2K@60fps decoding, support HEVC and VP high stream encoding format, high-definition dynamic picture smooth playback without pressure.

So, how good is HDR, why do so many home appliance manufacturers have a good look? Let's find out together.

HDR, or high dynamic range, is centered on the fact that the higher the dynamic range is, the closer the picture quality is to the reality. The two most important criteria for measuring the quality of a television are contrast and color. The same two TV screens, one with better contrast and more accurate colors, and the other with only a relatively high resolution, believe that more people will prefer the former and feel that the picture quality is better.

HDR display contrast

In general, an ordinary TV has a brightness of about 100 nits to 300 nits, and an HDR TV can theoretically reach a maximum of 5000 nits. Of course, HDR TV does not run bright eyes, it is only to widen the scope in order to better show light and shadow. The core idea of HDR is to let the audience see more things, whether it is the shadow or the details of the highlights, you can see. The sun will not be as dazzling, the lake will be clear and unambiguous, the colors will be fuller and truer, and the gradient of the hue will be more delicate. In general, HDR TV will present more natural and realistic images.

Use Q3 to play HDR video:

Never worry about HDR content sources. Currently, Amazon's streaming service has some HDR resources, Netflix said it also launched HDR content. As we all know, the higher the clarity, the higher the stream of video sources, the need for equipment in the decoding and storage capabilities of a high degree of cooperation and support. The Mario Q3 Android TV box solves this problem perfectly, playing high-definition motion pictures without any stress. In addition, equipped with 2GB DDR and 16GB flash memory also allows the system to run faster and smoother.

The Mario Q3 is an excellent choice for users who are observing the quality of the video. It will allow you to experience clearer picture quality, richer colors and more realistic images. Enjoy the uniqueness of HDR lighting at home and bring a cinematic visual feast.

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