RK3399 chip support USB3.0 Type-C

RK3399 chip support USB3.0 Type-C:

USB3.0 Type-C: The maximum transmission rate is up to 10Gbps per second, bi-directional power supports double-sided insertion. The PCI-e interface will also help differentiate the performance of the end product. Support for high-bandwidth LPDDR4 memory also affects the performance and power performance of Android box and tablet: LPDDR4 can bring double data rate up to 3200MB/s, support 16bit dual-channel (LPDDR3 only single channel), can Greatly enhances flat panel performance (high frequency and high bandwidth) and reduces power consumption (up to 40%).

In addition, compatible with Android, Linux and other operating systems, support MIPI/eDP interface dual-screen display features, will bring more scalability and faster transmission capabilities for business applications in the form of two-in-one tablet.


Based on the RK3399's powerful CPU and GPU, it provides direct direction and assistance for industrial chain brand manufacturers to differentiate tablet products and Android smart box product strategies, positioning and mass production. Higher performance and new technology applications.