Set top box mini keyboard

A keyboard is a type of instruction and data input device used to operate a device. It also refers to a set of function keys (such as a typewriter, computer keyboard) that operates through a system arrangement to operate a machine or device.

The keyboard is the most commonly used and the most important input device, through the keyboard you can enter letters, numbers, punctuation, etc. into the computer to issue commands to the computer, enter data and so on. At first such keyboards are mostly used in brand machines, such as HP, Lenovo and other brand machines are the first to adopt such keyboards, has been widely praised, and was once regarded as a brand of machine features. With the passage of time, there are also independent products with various quick functions that are gradually sold on the market. They are sold separately with dedicated driver and setting software and can be customized on a compatible machine.

Mario Set top box,built-in keyboard also can external keyboard,enter more convenient.