Set top box software system

In the set-top box, the software system is an important part. The work of the main controller through the implementation of the software to complete.

Operating system generally uses real-time operating system. In this operating system to complete the process of scheduling, interrupt management, memory allocation, inter-process communication, exception handling, clock extraction and so on.

The hardware driver provides drivers for peripheral hardware devices, including I2C bus, asynchronous serial communication port, parallel communication port, non-volatile memory, keyboard, remote control, tuner, channel decoding module and so on.

Graphics interface is mainly used to complete the graphics display in order to provide users with a friendly graphical user interface.

Audio decoding and video decoding drivers are used to control the operation of audio decoding and video decoding hardware.

Demultiplexing and data table extraction module is mainly on the code stream demultiplexing and data table extraction operation control.

The application programming interface maps all hardware-related underlying functions onto a single, unified interface and provides hardware-independent common handlers such as network protocols, graphical format analysis, business information table analysis, and more. Conditional Access Drives the work and software interfaces used to perform conditional receive processing.