Set-top box that support the new UHD standard

Mario Android set-top box supports the new UHD standard, multi-dimensional 4K picture quality and fluency, support HDMI2.0 standard, support 10bit, P60, to provide users with a superior visual experience.

Set-top boxes that support the new UHD standard:

1. 4K. 4K is 4 times that of traditional 1080p televisions, and the number of pixels has increased from 2 million to 8 million. In terms of display details and effects, there is a clear difference from 1080p.

2. H.265. In the same 4K picture quality, the H.265 standard saves half the bandwidth of the H.264 standard. "Bandwidth is reduced by half and resolution is doubled." In the case of low bandwidth, H.265 can also allow you to get the delicate picture quality, enrich the image details, and smooth and natural playback.

3. Supports 10bit. The 10bit further reduces picture noise and makes the TV box clearer when used.

4. Support P60. The refresh rate supported by Ultra HD images must reach 60P to enhance the exquisiteness and fluency of Ultra HD images.

5. Support HDR. Improve contrast, intelligently adjust brightness, increase color gamut, display more colors, and achieve better color effects.