Smart tv box product features

Smart tv box product features

Operating System

Mario Smart TV Box Android 6.0 and Android 7.1OS, equipped with the world's fastest growing, the best mobile intelligent system, with a more stable system kernel, for your wonderful network experience and interactive entertainment life, provide the core support.

Chip solution

Currently Mario Smart TV Box Amlogic, RK program-based

Memory configuration

Using DDR3 1GB / 2GB / 3GB, EMMC 8GB / 16GB / 32GB. External general support TF card or SD card, support for 32G / 64G SD card.

Network Interface

With wireless WiFi and 100M wired LAN port, support WIFI wireless network, WIFI has external, and built-in. Enhance the online video, website browsing, online search and other access speed, for your daily office, social entertainment, information search, etc., to increase the wonderful experience;

Video decoding

Support FullHD 1080P full-format video decoding / high-definition playback According to barrier video decoder chip, hardware decoding and software decoding. Provide 1080P HD video playback capabilities, but also have a powerful hardware video decoding engine for your HD video experience to bring a clear and smooth perfect experience.

2.4G wireless air body mouse, fusion mini keyboard

General support for 2.4G wireless aerial body mouse and keyboard, light arm, tap the button, you can complete a variety of operations. The new wave of operating experience, so that your TV into the same as your computer remote control, wireless waving.