Smart TV Box with Android TV Box

About the Smart TV

Smart TV first means that the hardware technology upgrades and revolution, only equipped with industry-leading high-profile, high-performance chips, in order to smooth the operation of large 3D somatosensory games and a variety of software programs; 

Secondly, smart TV means software content technology revolution, Smart TV must be a customizable TV; 

third, smart TV or continue to grow, with the times of the new generation of television. Smart TV is the most important must be equipped with a fully open platform, only through the open platform, in order to widely mobilize consumers to actively participate in the development of color TV function, in order to achieve color TV "demand customization", "color TV entertainment" is the solution The only effective way to develop intelligent TV.

The Mario Android TV box,can change the traditional TV,use the AV output connect the tv,instill a android OS in the TV,Connect Network,realize smart TV applications.