smart TV market

The reasons for the rapid rise of the smart TV market include the following:

First of all, the state to vigorously promote the "triple play" industry development, will change the cable digital TV single service model, the diversity of content formats, the diversity of types of services, access diversity will become a triple play environment New features of television

Second, the TV machine is from the era of the Internet to the Internet era even to the current intelligent era, the TV giant do not want the process of business will be seen as a simple processing links, has been brewing to the technical platform and other content industry chain expansion , To avoid the core position in the digital home was replaced by intelligent set-top box.

Again, the current Google Android system and Apple iOS system in the smart phone competition has entered the white-hot, application platform system to get a greater share of the need to expand the scope of use, to find a new development areas, so smart TV will become a breakthrough

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