Sound elements

Sound elements:

Sound quality and tone

The most important part is the difference in sound quality. The sound quality of audio equipment can also vary due to the different tastes of the internal ingredients. The sound quality and timbre of a good material are accurate, balanced, full, moderate, harmonic, and beautiful.

High school bass

The so-called high-, medium-, and low-frequency capacity distribution means that the amount of each band is more or less within the frequency range that the equipment can emit. Some equipment has more high frequency bands, some have stronger low-frequency sensation, and some mid-range vocals are particularly full, but the amount of high and low levels is not so much. In short, it is not enough, which forms the characteristics of various types of audio on the ground.

It should be noted that the amount of sense of each band is not absolutely good or bad. The important thing is to balance after the overall match, and do not have a particular frequency band, so it is not tolerable. As for the control of each frequency band, it means "quality" is good or bad, the same, the perfect low frequency control is relatively difficult to get, many devices may have a lot of low-frequency sense, but poor control, this kind of low frequency sounded It is "soft", but due to lack of control, it will not be strong, not full, and full of flexibility. Of course, the better the sound, the better the control of each frequency band will be.

Sound field performance

The performance of the sound field includes not only the height, depth and width, but also the interrelationship between various “objects” in the sound field. This is the clear relationship between the distance, depth, front and rear, and height.

It is mainly divided into: transparency and analytical power, image power and body sensation, the ratio of the size of musical instruments and vocals, and vividness.