Stream media transmission problems to be solved

Stream media transmission problems to be solved

Streaming media transmission requires a suitable transport protocol, most of the current file transfer on the Internet are based on the tcp protocol, there are some based on the ftp transport protocol for transmission, but the use of these transport protocols can not be achieved in real time Way of transmission.

With the in-depth study of streaming media technology, more mature streaming media transmission is generally adopted rtp / rtsp real-time transmission protocol based on udp protocol.

tcp protocol contains a special data transfer verification mechanism, when the data receiver receives the data, it will automatically send a confirmation message to the sender, the sender receives the confirmation message before continuing to send data, or will have been in a wait state .

The udp protocol is different, udp protocol itself can not do any verification. It can be seen, tcp agreement focuses on the quality of transmission, while the udp protocol focuses on the transmission speed. Therefore, for the requirements of the transmission quality is not very high, but the transmission speed is high demand video and audio streaming media files, the use of udp protocol is more appropriate.