Three strokes to solve the trouble of Skyworth TV remote control

First, with the camera's camera function to detect the remote control there is no problem, specifically is to open the phone camera function, the remote control infrared signal against the camera, then press any button, from the phone point of view there is no bright spot, there is no remote control problem.

Second, the remote control battery inside the conductive spring rusty corrosion, indicating that the remote control has been damaged, replace the new spring or replace the new remote control to solve the problem.

Third, in the set-top box removed, put on the TV under the DVD test under the remote control button is normal, the normal problem in the set-top box.

Skyworth TV remote control is a big brand of products, but with other TV remote control many of the same principle, so the inspection method with other TV remote control problems are similar, well, the method first introduced here I believe we can help.