tv box connect keyboard

Keyboard classification

1. Mechanical keyboard (Metal) uses a similar metal contact switch, the working principle is to make contact on or off, with a simple process, noise, easy to maintain, strong sense of rhythm when typing, long-term use will not change the feel of such characteristics .

2. Plastic film keyboard (Membrane) keyboard is divided into four internal layers, to achieve no mechanical wear. It is characterized by low prices, low noise and low cost, but after long-term use due to material problems will change. Has occupied the vast majority of the market share.

3. Conductive Rubber The structure of the contacts is connected by conductive rubber. Inside the keyboard has a layer of raised conductive rubber, each button corresponds to a bulge, press the bottom of the contacts connected. This type of keyboard is the market by the mechanical keyboard to the membrane keyboard transition products.

4. Contactless Capacitors Capacitives use the principle of a capacitive switch to drive the encoder by changing the capacity of the capacitor by changing the distance between the electrodes when the button is pressed. Features no wear and good sealing.

Mario Technology Android tv box connect the keyboard via USB port,all types of keyboards can be connected.