TV box development

TV box development

Set-top box:

Often referred to as a set-top box or set-top box, this is a device that connects a television to an external source. It can convert compressed digital signals into TV content and display it on the TV. Signals can come from cable cables, satellite antennas, broadband networks, and terrestrial broadcasts.

The content received by the set-top box, in addition to the images and sounds that the analog television can provide, is that it can receive data content, including electronic program guides, Internet web pages, subtitles, and the like.

Enables users to watch digital TV programs on existing televisions and interactive digital entertainment, education and commercialization via the Internet.

Digital TV set-top box:

It is a conversion device that converts digital television signals into analog signals. It decodes and restores digitally compressed image and sound signals to generate analog video and sound signals, and provides viewers with high-quality television through TV monitors and audio equipment. program.

Android Smart TV Box:

Following Android's fine tradition, Android's very visually-impressive interface and Android's tens of thousands of functions are integrated into the TV set-top box. Android originally played a strong role in the mobile phone field and has expanded from the field of mobile phones. In the field of TV set-top boxes, an ordinary TV set-top box is turned into a smart TV box.

This enables users to play games, listen to songs, access the Internet, and play online videos in addition to watching television programs on existing television sets.