tv box external keyboard structure

tv box external keyboard structure

Keyboard shell: The conventional keyboard has CapsLock, NumLock, ScrollLock, three lights, marking the current state of the keyboard. These lights are generally located in the upper right corner of the keyboard, but some keyboards such as ACER's Ergonomic KB and HP original keyboard with keycap built-in light, this design can more easily determine the current state of the keyboard, but the process is relatively complicated.

Can be divided into the main keyboard area, Num digital auxiliary keyboard area, F key function keyboard area, the control keypad, also added for the multi-function keyboard shortcuts area.

Keyboard circuit board is the core of the entire keyboard control, which is located inside the keyboard, mainly for key scan identification, coding and transmission interface work.

Keycap the opposite are visible key plunger, directly related to the life of the keyboard, the friction coefficient is directly related to the touch of the keys.

General keycap printing has four kinds of technology: a. Ink printing technology, b. Laser etching technology, c secondary molding technology, d sublimation printing technology