USB devices mainly have the following advantages

USB devices mainly have the following advantages:

Hot-swappable Is the user using an external device, do not need to shut down and then boot and other activities, but when the computer is working, plug the USB directly to use.

2 easy to carry. USB devices are mostly "small, light, thin," known to the user, carry a lot of data, it is convenient. Of course USB hard drive is the first choice.

3. Standard unity. Common IDE interface is the hard disk, serial mouse and keyboard, parallel printer scanner, but with the USB, these application peripherals can all be connected with the same standard PC, then there will be a USB hard drive, USB Mouse, USB printer and so on.

4. Can connect multiple devices. USB often has multiple interfaces on a personal computer that can connect several devices at the same time. If you connect a USB hub with four ports, you can connect to it again. Four USB devices, and so on, can be connected , Your home equipment at the same time all connected to a personal computer without any problems (Note: up to connect to 127 devices).

Android TV Box also support USB port,can connect Wireless mouse and keyboard via USB port.

Connect USB hard disk,play local file,in the absence of a network also can watch the video,movie...