Wasee Android tv box

About the Wasee Android tv box:

Chip solution

At present the mainstream market to high-end machine to Amlogic A 9, Samsung as the main representative, in the end to solve the RK, Ma Weier, Teleship, and Rising Micro and other programs as the representative of the CPU frequency by 800Mhz-1.2G,

Memory configuration

High-end machines on the market using DDR3 2GB / 3GB, mainly DDR3 1GB. Multi-threaded operation. External support TF card or SD card, external maximum support 64G SD card.

HD 1080P with 3D

Support 3D, can be input through HDMI1.3A to 3D TV embedded high-performance 3D hardware processing core, providing a powerful 30fps anti-aliasing 3D processing capabilities. Support a number of game development company's 3D game masterpiece, with the TV, to support the current global popular angry birds and so on.

Network Interface

Wireless WiFi and 100M wired LAN LAN port, support WIFI wireless network, WIFI has external, and built-in. Enhance the online network video, website browsing, online inquiries and other access speed for your daily office, social entertainment, information search, etc., to enhance the experience; through the browser kernel support, the first to achieve a new HTML5 standard compatibility.