What does Android N mean for TV boxes

What does Android N mean for TV boxes?

The new features look good, especially for multitasking split screens and notification centers that support quick reply and other features that are apparent on mobile phones. What about the actual performance on the TV box?

Due to the openness of Android, it has to be said that TV boxes equipped with Android seem to be more popular in the market. This Android N upgrade feature also brings great benefits to TV boxes. The first of these is the speed increase. Secondly, multi-window and original ecosystem support 4K and HDR also surprise box users.

1. Improved performance, faster

The efficiency of the upgrade, installation, and operation of the Android N has been doubled. The Android system, which the government calls it, is not a card. It uses the new JAVA optimization technology JIT+AOT. The software installation and operation speed is doubled. With the new compiler Clang+LLVM, the compilation speed is increased by 100%. The Vulkan modern 3D graphics API is added to ensure the GPU performance. On the premise of limited, it still achieves high frame rate games. This means that under the same memory, the memory utilization of the TV box equipped with Android N system can be increased by 100%, the software installation speed is increased by 75%, and the operating speed is increased by 600%.

2. Native architecture support HDR/WCG, all 4K

Android N is a comprehensive upgrade to all 4K products. For the first time, it supports the development of 4K value-added services such as HDR, VR, and PIP on Android native systems. The standardization of interfaces provides unlimited innovation possibilities. HDR-related APIs and HDR-defined APIs are supported since Android-N supports HDR. frame. This means that TV boxes based on the Android N standard interface are seamlessly compatible with HDR/WCG, all 4K.

3. Native architecture support VR

Google will release a standard VR SDK for Android-N. The VR video industry chain has matured and is rapidly entering the commercial stage. VR video enhances the end-user experience a lot and has a very broad market prospect, such as introduction of tourist attractions, shopping, first-person experience and so on. The Android N-based box solution will also be optimized for VR, including the use of a remote control, a mobile phone control perspective, and so on to interact with the video.

4. Native architecture supports PIP, supports multi-window applications

Google defines a standard PIP interface on Android-N that will enable applications based on standard interfaces. PIP uses videos to present other auxiliary information to the user, which is more intuitive and friendly, and significantly improves the user experience. For example, PIP can be used excessively when switching channels, or PIP is used to present the perspective of multi-channel sports programs. Advertising, etc.

5. Increased security

In terms of security, Android N has added new security features, including file-based data encryption, identifying malicious websites, repairing a large number of security attack vulnerabilities, and adding new security mechanisms. This applies to the TV box and is also more secure, making the TV box less likely to be implanted into the back door, making it difficult to install phishing applications, and making shopping transactions with boxes safer.