What's about TWS Earphones

What's about TWS Earphones:

TWS is True Wireless Stereo, meaning wireless stereo. The realization of this technology is based on the development of chip technology. It technically refers to the mobile phone through the connection of the main speaker, and then by the main speaker through the Bluetooth wireless connection from the speaker, to achieve true Bluetooth wireless channel left and right separation. When the subwoofer is not connected, the main speaker returns to monaural sound quality.

TWS technology applied to the field of Bluetooth headsets, and therefore also gave birth to a new product - TWS Bluetooth headset.

TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset has the following advantages:

1. True wireless structure, completely abandon the wired troubles, freedom of movement.

2. The use of a variety of ways, both exclusive, but also to share, but also as a machine for two machines.

Since the TWS Bluetooth headset does not require a wired connection for both ear hooks, the left and right 2 headsets form a stereo system via Bluetooth, and the songs, calls, and wear are all improved.


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