WiFi main function

WiFi main function

Wireless Internet access can be simply understood as wireless Internet access, almost all smart phones, tablets and laptops are fidelity to support the Internet, is the most widely used today, a wireless network transmission technology.

In fact, the wired network signal into a wireless signal, as we introduced at the beginning, as the use of wireless routers for supporting its technology-related computers, mobile phones, tablet reception. If you have wireless fidelity phone features, when there is Wi-Fi wireless signal can not go through the mobile Internet network, eliminating the need for traffic charges.

Wireless Internet Wireless Internet access is more common in metropolitan areas, although the quality of wireless communications transmitted by wireless fidelity technology is not very good, the data security performance is worse than Bluetooth, the transmission quality needs to be improved, but the transmission speed is very fast, up to 54Mbps, in line with Personal and social information needs.

Wireless fidelity is the most important advantage of not requiring wiring, wiring conditions can be free from restrictions, it is ideal for mobile office users, and because the transmit signal power is less than 100mw, lower than the phone transmit power, so the wireless fidelity Internet access relative It is also the safest and healthiest.

However, the wireless fidelity signal is also provided by the cable network, such as home ADSL, residential broadband, etc., just pick a wireless router, you can convert the wired signal into a wireless fidelity signal.