YouTube product service

YouTube product service

YOUTUBE using SORENSON SPARK and ADOBE FLASH9 provide image encoding technology, the user upload image files for compression and gear. YOUTUBE video content today includes a wide range of personal video and television shows clips, music videos and home video.

Youtube video quality is far behind online streaming technologies such as REALVIDEO and WINDOWS MEDIA but quickly gained overwhelming popularity and success due to the low bandwidth requirements and the ease with which FLASH PLUG-IN can be embedded in a personal BLOG or other website. High-definition video research and investment company executives pointed out YOUTUBE site traffic demand is extremely high, or even need to pay about $ 1 million per month fee, in March 2006, YOUTUBE began selling ads on the site.

The use of "playlists" in the YOUTUBE for "autoplay", there is a progressive error caused by audio and video playback, the cause of this phenomenon has so far been unknown.

YOUTUBE has been gradually reducing support for INTERNET EXPLORER 6 and older browsers since mid-2009. March 13, 2010 YOUTUBE has stopped supporting INTERNET EXPLORER 6 and below older browsers.

The site's video playback is also achieved through the FLASH technology. ADOBE is also using this line of technology to grab more market share from online multimedia content distribution solution providers such as QUICKTIME, WINDOWS MEDIA, and REAL MEDIA. And hope that more influence on the Internet.

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