4K Development Path

development path

The early 90s of last century, the American Society of Film and Television Engineers "Digital Imaging Hierarchy" task force on the spatial resolution of the imaging system were studied from a resolution perspective of the panel will be divided into low-resolution display (less than 0.8 K), normal resolution (less than 2K), high resolution (2K) and ultra-high resolution (4K or even higher) and other four levels. The team proposed the design concept of the spatial resolution level based on the following basic concepts:

- I-level integer progression based on commonly used digital processing and storage architectures;

- Supports various aspect ratios and spatial resolutions based on image tiles;

- Ability to build monitors for any application requirement with & Egrave resolution tiles By using patches and just four levels of resolution, it is possible to build new displays for any application, and this display It can also be used to display images from any other level. The Digital Cinema Organization in America (DCI) requires digital cinema projection systems with 4K or 2K resolution at ultra-high resolution or high resolution.