4K Development Status

Development status

Hollywood currently plays the hottest role in digital cinema, so Hollywood has an absolute say in the standard for filming and playing movies.

Purely from the technical point of view, the highest level of 4K movie resolution of 4096 × 2160, the total pixels of more than 8 million;

Currently popular digital cinema projector is 2K level, resolution of 2048 × 1080; of course, there are still some towns and mobile projection vehicles using a 1.3K projector, 1280 × 1080 resolution. The 2K screen is very close to the Full HD FULL HD standard 1920x1080 on the current HDTV, except that the aspect ratio is more screen-oriented than the movie.

Currently released movies In order to meet the cinema broadcast environment, digital movie files released are 2K and 4K compatible (do not use Blu-ray to analogy, the size of these digital movie file packages are on the hundreds of GB theory, fine quality Far from the Blu-ray comparable), the current Hollywood digital movie released about 1/4 4K resolution, 2K class projector, then viewers can only see 2048 * 1080 resolution content, compared to large original 4K resolution, a factor of 4 in the number of pixels.

According to the statistics of China's color TV market at this stage, about 10 brands of 4K ultra-high definition television, including Xiaomi, Samsung, TCL, LG, Changhong, Skyworth, Konka, Sony, Haier and Hisense, have over 15 series of products on sale in the market 4K ultra high definition TV nearly a hundred models, product size covers 39 inches -84 inches