Analysis On The Development Trend Of Intelligent TV Industry

Ovilvy Net (AVC) data show that as of the end of 2015, China's smart TV cumulative holdings of 105 million units, when the activation rate of 83%, then the penetration rate of 73%; OTT box cumulative holdings of 60.1 million units, Smart micro-cast total holdings of 900,000 units, 2015 intelligent TV terminal day active users reached 41 million. With the increase in Internet applications, intelligent as the center, the TV content is constantly enriched and perfect, the TV ecology gradually mature, living room economic value began to show.

Big data show that in 2015 the value of the living room economy will reach 8.9 billion yuan, 2015 video video eco-profit will reach 5.7 billion yuan, 1.4 times more than 2014, is expected in the next 2 - 3 years video ecology profit will remain over Times growing. And the data analysis, 2015 China's living room economy to create the hardware and the value of derivative services will be 230 billion yuan, by 2020, the overall size of the living room economy will reach 1.1 trillion yuan. Industry insiders said the intelligent trend to open the entire home appliance chain of the ceiling, smart TV brings a huge living room economic space.