Classification Of TV Boxes

TV box by interface points are divided into two categories. The first category is the most common VGA TV box. VGA TV box as its name, mainly to the VGA interface for the connection, do not need any driver and software support can be connected with the display to use, it is quite convenient to operate. And TV card is different, VGA TV box with an external independent design, you can work independently from the computer host, do not open the host can watch TV. As the TV box inside the PCB board with a shell protection, so not only to avoid the electromagnetic interference within the chassis, while there is no compatibility issues. But the drawbacks of VGA TV box is also obvious, that is, do not have the recording function. Generally connected to the monitor or projector to watch the big screen TV will use him.

Another second type of TV box, it is called high-definition digital TV box - D VI TV box, and even HDMI TV box. DVI TV box is DVI interface, TV box, D VI full name DigitalVisualInterface, its appearance is a 24-pin connector. Transmission of digital signals, digital image information without any conversion. And the traditional analog VGA interface to reduce the number to analog to digital to the cumbersome conversion process, to avoid the loss of the signal, so that the image clarity and detail performance have been improved. And most of the projector or high-end LCD monitor is also equipped with a D-digital interface. At present, the domestic DDC interface has a very small TV box, only a round just a brand only.