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How To Use Mario Android TV Dongle

How to use Mario Android TV dongle

Power off

Power on: Plug the smart TV stick into the TV's HD dock. Then connect one end of the USB power cable to the TV's Type A receptacle and the other end to the Mini USB cradle of the Smart TV stick. (Some TVs do not have a USB stick for powering the smart-TV stick and need to plug it into a power outlet using the power adapter in the product's accessory.) The product is then turned on and the TV source options are switched to HD. This can be used normally.


Control smart TV stick, you can use the ordinary mouse; on the market, there are some for the Tablet PC design such as squirrels, Bluetooth keyboard plus touchpad, etc., can be used to control the smart TV stick. Control the smart TV stick, and control the Tablet PC or ordinary computer is similar.


HD output, USB port to take power, convenient and quick, suitable as a variety of with HD interface with LCD TVs, monitors, etc. to provide intelligent web browsing, online video and local video, games and entertainment