Kodi And Smart Set Top Box

The Mario Smart Set top box has long been a top streamer for Kodi users. With the new version of TV, things are even better. A faster processor makes the media streamer 30% faster than the old one, according to Data. There is also built-in Alexa support (although this doesn't work with Kodi), and the device is only marginally more expensive than the original.

Via the Bluetooth remote, it's quick to navigate through the menus, into Google play and install Kodi.

Kodi runs beautifully smoothly on the TV and takes just a few seconds to load, and connects via Bluetooth, so you don't need line of sight; voice commands are not supported in Kodi, though.

We tested using 1080p and 4K videos, with both playing smoothly. The TV has 802.11ac Wi-Fi built in, but if your home network isn't fast enough to play video without buffering, there's an Ethernet port, too.