Mario IPTV Box And IPTV Network Television

IPTV network television is based on the broadband network through the set-top box access to broadband networks to achieve digital TV and TV interactive TV services such as network television IPTV network television. Such as Guangdong Telecom, such as broadband services company also launched the Guangdong IPTV network television service, and by virtue of the rich high-quality film and television resources, high-speed and stable network, a short period of time to occupy the market.

Mario Technology has launched the IPTV Box with basic TV broadcast capabilities, but also to achieve on-demand live broadcast, time-shifting look and entertainment and other functions. With the development of technology, Mario technology IPTV box also towards a higher quality audio-visual experience continues to progress, the latest release of IPTV 4K ultra-high-definition set-top boxes to support ultra-high-definition 4K programs, Blu-ray high-definition video, 3D games.