Android tv box

Mario Q1 Wasee Tv Box

At present, the HD player industry is facing a comprehensive reform of the product intelligence, Mario Technology has 17 years of manufacturing experience, seize the opportunity to lead its research and development team after several months of depth development, the introduction of Wasee Android TV Box , The unique appearance, the new design concept, independent research and development of the motherboard, for the RK and Amlogic program.Comprehensive promotion in Alibaba and global resources.

Mario Q1 Wasee tv box body to black, red for the end, compact body design, exquisite workmanship, using RK and Amlogic program, processing speed up to 1.5Ghz-2Ghz.

With the home of the ordinary flat-panel TV, connected to the network signal, through the system built-in TV dedicated browser, at any time for web browsing. Select the navigation page, providing a very practical, categorized site portal, to further simplify the remote control operation, web browsing touch, can support online video playback, the steps are very simple.