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Mario Technology Best Kodi TV Boxes

Mario Technology Best Kodi TV boxes

The Television market is ever-changing massively and tormented by several drivers such as: A broadband connection to homes has become nearly ubiquitous, the accelerated proliferation of powerful devices such as smart TVs,smartphones and tablets, and the exploding number of videos on the Internet which continues to grow exponentially. 

As a result of these changes, TV viewers are acclimating to movies and television outside of their satellite box and expect a unified experience across TV and the web. 

The huge amount of videos on the web has already proved itself to be addicting, engaging, trendy and viral. Bringing this content to the main TV screen gave birth to Android OS box

Mario Smart Box is a powerful device, which converts your TV into a Smart TV. The box comes with an open source platform for you to watch Videos on your TV. Our boxes are powered by Android. They also come packed with Technologies like Airplay, DLNA, Miracast so you can stream any video from your laptop, phone or tablet to your TV.

Mario Android TV box is not just a box that connects to any TV, is a brand new ecosystem that thrives on turning the TV device that will manifest all of your favourite activities from your phone, computer or tablet.