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Mario Technology Introduces New 4K HD Set-Top Box

2017 Mario Technology Introduces New 4K HD Set-Top Box with RK3229 chip, Supports New UHD Standard, 4K Quality and Fluctuation in Multi-Dimensional Support, HD2.0 Standard, 10bit and P60 Support, Delivering Superior Quality Visual Experience to Users.

And carry DRM programs to protect 4K content, but also introduced an innovative image quality engine, with a video post-processor, denoising, effectively enhance the video effect.

Advantages of Mario Android TV Box:

1.4K. 4K is 4 times more than a traditional 1080p TV and the number of pixels is raised from 2 million to 8 million. In the display details and effects, and 1080p have obvious differences.

2.H.265. With 4K picture quality, the H.265 standard saves half the bandwidth of the H.264 standard. "Bandwidth halved, clarity doubled", in the case of low bandwidth, H.265 also allows you to get the slightest fine detail quality, exquisite image details, smooth and natural playback.

3. Support 10bit. 10bit to further reduce the quality noise, so that the TV box when using the picture more clearly.

4.Support P60. Ultra-high definition images to support the refresh rate to reach 60P, in order to enhance the clarity and fluency of ultra-high definition images.

5. Support HDR. Increase contrast, intelligently adjust brightness, increase color gamut, show more colors, and achieve better color results.