Android tv box

New 4K HDR TV Box

Rockchip's new 4K HDR TV box solution CES first exposure, take you enjoy the ultra-clear HD horizon

The new television technology has always been the highlight of CES. Rockchip Rockchip this time with the latest 4K HDR power

Box program RK3328 landing CES 2017, its higher integration, performance advantages and cost advantages, causing major technology media attention, with the following program highlights:

One:4K HDR H265 encoding supports ultra high definition playback

1. Support 4K 60Hz output and HDR display expansion;

2. Support HDR, to provide a better video viewing experience;

3. Full 4K video playback capabilities including H265 / H264 / VP9 and H265 encoding for video calling and video surveillance

Two:Support USB 3.0, to provide higher I / O read and write speed

Three:High-level network support

1. Gigabit Ethernet to help fiber broadband home;

2. Dual Ethernet ports support gateway applications;

Four:New voice recognition and voice control

MIC array can better support voice recognition and voice control applications;

Fives:More performance advantages

1. Support Android 7.1 system;

2. Support DDR4 high-capacity memory

3. Support a variety of DVB product development

4. Support advanced security system

Users are increasingly keen on home entertainment products. The concept of "home entertainment console" will be the future trend of the box. In addition to viewing richer programming content through the Internet, various internet business applications may also be installed to make the television available A variety of home entertainment business capabilities, such as social networking, shopping, information, VR, games and more.

The RK3328 solution from Rockchip will help create the TV Box Internet Ecology, a superb choice for high-end boxes that support 4K HD video while supporting other high-quality video needs including gaming, VR and more.