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Q1 Smart Box Use The Latest Version Of KODI

Q1 Smart box use The latest version of KODI, you can add native and multimedia on the network

Kodi can add the local folder, or you can add shared folders from other computers / NAS in the LAN. In other words, you can very easily in the living room Kodi play dormitory computer or NAS download good movie video!

To add a video source, click the Go file area -> Add Video ... -> Browse (or Video -> File Area -> Add Video ... -> Browse), you can see that you can add the root File system or external memory folder, you can also add SMB (Windows share) and NFS (Mac or Linux using the shared protocol) network path, in the "add network location ..." option can also add HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and other network protocols, but does not support FTPES.

Kodi can automatically search for some local area network shared directory, if it can not find it, then you need to manually specify it. If the need to share the user name password or to enter the correct.