Rockchip RK3228H Unicom 4K Set-top Box Project

Rockchip RK3228H program wins Unicom 4K set-top box procurement project, won the first full 4K P60 business

China Unicom is stepping up the development of its IPTV business. In May, China Unicom and China Telecom jointly published the "White Paper on 4K Smart Set Top Boxes," which clarifies the development of 4K video to full 4K, that is, the P60's high frame rate and HDR high dynamic light rendering image, 10bit high bit deep pixel sampling, BT2020 ultra-wide color gamut and surround sound audio decoding and other specifications.

As the flagship branch of China Unicom, Beijing Unicom is the industry benchmark in terms of broadband and video services and has a huge influence. Recently announced the four candidates for successful bidding for 4K smart set-top box project. Both Shanghai Nokia Bell Co., Ltd. and Datang Telecom were nominated for the Rockchip RK3228H solution, occupying more than 50% of the total shares (Shanghai Nokia Bell to RK3228B program to become Sichuan Unicom 4K smart set-top box procurement project won the first candidate).

Rockchip high-performance set-top box chip RK3228H meet the full 4K specifications, more advanced support for USB3.0 and H.265 video encoding capabilities, support for 8 I2S, powerful expansion of capabilities to help operators layout smart home. The full 4K bidding of Beijing Unicom has a huge benchmark in the industry, which means the full 4K / P60 set-top box strategy of the three major operators formally landed, and Rockchip's full 4K solution grabbed the upper hand.