Set To Box Kodi

If you want to stream content to your TV, then Kodi (or XBMC, as it used to be known) is just about the best bit of software for the job. With a big, friendly user interface, support for loads of streaming formats and services, Kodi is a joy to use.

As well as allowing you to stream video and music files over a local network, the software also includes the ability to install plug-ins to stream from a variety of services including Amazon Prime Instant Video, Spotify and YouTube.

One of Kodi's main strengths is that it is available for a huge number of platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux and Android. The downside is that Kodi doesn't make its own streaming box (no, the official Kodi Raspberry Pi case doesn't count), so you need to find your own device to run it on.

The better option is Mario Android TV Box is compatible Kodi and install Kodi on it yourself. 

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