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Set-top Box Development

Set-top box development:

China set-top box developed rapidly. Digital set-top boxes, also called TV boxes and other abbreviations, the current digital STB can be divided into three categories:

A: shopping-focused digital set-top boxes,

Second: the young people as the target digital set-top boxes,

Three: only for parents design digital set-top box orange beans box.

 As a series of changes are taking place in the supply of or demand for products in the set-top box industry, the industry is gradually shifting from other countries or regions to China for manufacturing and manufacturing. China has become the largest center for manufacturing set-top boxes in the world.

In 2007, China set-top box market mainly cable set-top boxes. Set-top box market shipments reached more than 65 million units, an increase of 41.3% compared to 2006. Among them, the domestic set-top box shipments exceeded 30 million units, an increase of 49.32% over 2006, the domestic market for the first time set-top-box shipments exceeded foreign markets; cable set-top box market holdings exceeded 25 million units by the end of 2007, an increase over 2006 Nearly 60%.

In 2008, digital TV in China entered a booming period. In addition to the strong growth in digital cable television, ground-based digital television has also made a breakthrough with the opportunity of the 2008 Olympic Games.

Currently, the evolution of the digital TV set-top box Android TV Box is more in line with the development of today's society, it is not limited to fixed channels and costs, through the Internet connection, so that the TV as a smart phone with a tablet, smart tablet platform will be Network and TV combine to become a new entertainment system. Can be installed by users to uninstall software, games and other applications, to achieve "unlimited content, unlimited applications," such TV.

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