Smart TV Development Opportunities Highlighted In The Next 2 Years

People's consumption concept is constantly changing, mainly through these three stages: the initial stage for the pragmatism, consumer products mainly to the mid-term recognition of the brand, the era of the brand as a trend; to now completely with their own user experience As a guide, this era of users to become corporate brand officer, experience the key to their spread of the brand.

In the initial stage of pragmatism and the stage of the brand, the TV as a product of the industrial era, mainly to meet the needs of consumption, the election of television is to choose the screen, brand, and price, cost is relatively important. In the era of large-screen eco-users, users are more concerned about what Internet services, as well as the product brings a comprehensive experience, the user began to consider the screen, performance, service, price and experience comprehensive indicators, the user is the experience of the price ratio, We said the price difference.