Streaming Media With Android Tv Box

Streaming Media the emergence of a great convenience to people's work and life. At the other end of the earth, in a university classroom, a professor is teaching a favorite course of your favorite, want to hear too far! Give up? Unfortunately, it does not matter, the Internet age can meet your wishes. Find the online course on the network, the course is very long, but it does not matter, just click to play, the professor's figure soon appeared on the screen, the course side of the play side of the download, although far away, but like the scene! In addition to distance education, Media in the video on demand, Internet radio, network video, also has a wide range of applications.

Streaming media, also known as streaming media, is the edge of the broadcast of the media, is a multimedia. Edge messaging is the media provider on the network transmission media "at the same time", the user while constantly receiving and viewing or listening to the media being transmitted. The "flow" of a "stream" refers to the way the media is transmitted (the way it flows) and does not mean the media itself.

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