Use The TV Box Function To Install

⑴ insert the card

In fact, the installation of the built-in TV box is very simple, and install a PCI interface, the sound card is no different, open the computer chassis, the PCI card into the motherboard PCI slot, and then screw the screw on it. You do not have to worry about plug the wrong interface, because the computer hardware in the design of the different slots were designed into a different shape, so the shape of the various slots are unique, the interface is not inserted on the plug! So be assured, insert it must be right.

⑵ connection

After the work is connected, a TV antenna signal input, and the TV behind the same; an audio output, it will be connected to the audio card audio input on the line, or no sound yo; there is the infrared receiver plug, even You can use your remote control to direct the TV box. In addition to these must be connected to the outside, the rest is such as AV, IEEE1394, S port, and so these are usually not commonly used, then no matter what the next time.